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As designers we inspire quality.
Our team helps the process from concept to completion.
A simple tool to design, build & integrate solutions for retail design, residential design, exhibition design, film set design, lighting design and other engineering projects.

Research & Innovation

Through research we created the first flat packed sustainable home and the most innovative wind turbine. Through research we created the engineering bio-code and through research we created organic homes that grow + many more ...


What our clients say:

"We are really quite happy with ICDS Arch LTD, in fact we've just renewed a contract with them. They have been really diligent and they were happy to work with any changes we've made." Rob Lyndon

"They had produced good drawings which the team happily and quickly adjusted to fit in with particular building requirements, and they've been a life saver with the planning side of things." Jennifer Hazel

"The account manager has been very flexible and accommodating, and he was in constant contact with us, he's really good at keeping in touch which I think is a real strength. Their prices are pretty reasonable too. I'd definitely recommend them." John Walton

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research through innovationresearch through innovationresearch through innovationresearch through innovation

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