2009 October


Don’t be shellfish… Affectionately nicknamed “the Berlin Coat Hanger” for its draping form, the airport terminal was the longest continuous building in the world at the time of its construction and still is the third largest. It has a suspended roof that protrudes over arriving aircraft and allows for dry transfers of passengers into the […]


Don’t be shellfish…Polymerisation is the process of exchange between different molecules (partners such as streets, offices, cities, regions) for a collaborative development towards new constellations. http://www.icdsarch.com Don’t be shellfish…


Don’t be shellfish… http://www.icdsarch.com Don’t be shellfish…

Centre Point Rr

Don’t be shellfish… http://www.icdsarch.com Don’t be shellfish…

The ‘Interior collapse’ manifesto

Don’t be shellfish… Interior, whether inhabits the space choreography created by waves through entire human perception, or by servicing spaces to gather the human perception, its movement is reinforcing conventionally discrete, the performative similarity and modulation stretched behind screwed private zones within the chosen space.The spatial mutability therefore is postulated to the formalized interior-type development, which generate multiple space relations within exterior […]

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