2009 November

Genotype Harvesting

Don’t be shellfish… I created some clusters in this matrix, so I can fallow them. Clusters like ā€ p(1)x3 ā€œ, where any kind of information could be implemented regarding the chosen parameters. Iā€™m aiming to create a infinite circle, green live work, by connecting and optimizing them through radio waves, fibre optics, and other electronic […]


Don’t be shellfish…Harvest – Evolve- Sustain Don’t be shellfish…

Communication + Clustershell Development

Don’t be shellfish… http://www.icdsarch.com Don’t be shellfish…

ClusterShell Development

Don’t be shellfish…Work to diversify, live to relax, green to refresh and warp to articulate. ! MAP DAY TIME ANALYSIS NIGHT TIME ANALYSIS MAP AND LEVELS http://www.icdsarch.com Don’t be shellfish…

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