2010 January

Fake space.

Don’t be shellfish…Is information technology driving the cognitive perception of reality into virtual environment? Introduction Throughout history man has built different spaces conceptualized upon the understanding of the mechanics of living, adapting and invading the natural environment, transferring the graphical reproduction of the natural form into architectural form. Not only that has analysed the cavities […]

Visual Communication – Corian Chair Prototype

Don’t be shellfish… Don’t be shellfish…

CentrePoint Renders

Don’t be shellfish… Don’t be shellfish…

Geometric paradigm

Don’t be shellfish… RESEARCH: It is interesting going back to maths formulas and discovering that placing them into a graphic visualising processor could generate spatial posibilities. I am aiming to virtually connect the whole space of my Genotype into artificial self sustain system(alive). These basic interior renders would be the starting point of my proposed interior development, forms evolving […]

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