Morphotype 01 // People & Flow + Surroundings

My idea, is to bring Virtualization into Tottenham Court Road. By this it means that I want to combine the existing structure of the tower with implemented characteristics of the contemporary society, this way, the viewer will absorb the perception of both environments, historical and contemporary.

As I presented in my first Formative assessment in October 2009, the system will be same, generating a parasite // virus architecture which engages the viewer into the world of both. By its historical context, the user is engaged into the context of contemporaneity, and by contemporary context the user is engaged into the context of history. This systems works like a paradox on the host, in my case Centre Point, without affecting the old listed structure.

The parasite will engage both environments into one general formal arrangement. The aim in user perception is to reflect the image of the past into the present. What the user will perceive is a virtual entity in which he will not be able to differentiate between old and new, history or contemporary, or both.

People and movement:

Tracing and routing back to the street level, I will associate any movement generated by human behaviour, with a ‘dot’, which will draw a path. This path will be associated with a line, because in most cases people have a movement // forward – left-right //. The path released will take a form of 2d shape, linear.

  • People accessing Tottenham Court Road // Centre Point ( To generate this kind of data mean to check everyone who’s entering the zone.)

From what I have seen on the Tottenham Court Road area, I will categorize as :

  • Street Level // Pedestrians
  1. Workers 35 %
  2. Shoppers 15 %
  3. Tourists 45 %
  4. Others 5 %
  • Street Level // Street traffic
  1. Buses 35 %
  2. Taxis 35 %
  3. Cyclists 20 %
  4. Others 10 %
With this data generated, I will place the interactions between movements, on a time scale of 24 hour, which will generate linear arrangements.
The arrangements generated will help me see the peak points where I can then associate to my design solution.
Ephraim : How far can we go off-site ? 5-10 meters?

To generate this map, I have associated people with blood cells. The interaction between two working flows releases a LOOP ( Capillaries ) where the connections can be associated in working patterns, office jobs, dwellings. Performance of the loop ( or intensity ) is dependant upon the interaction between flows ofIN and OUT

Proposed interior for the underground piazza .