Centre Dock.

To perfectly adapt to the contemporary distribution of the existing spatial composition, the way in which to apply changes to the sistem, is to better patterns from their existing configuration.

As Allan mentioned, I should not invent individual entities, which I believe would make the connection harder to blend into the existing grid. If the transport was the main factor in my analysis of CO2 emissions for centre London and Centre Point, than the bettering patterns would engage into the transport grid, bettering the existing and creating new opportunities for the London community without affecting the old grid.

The costs of removing / maintaining unpopulated zones would be higher in comparison to building new ones.

My proposal, is to anchor the capacity of the existing space of Centre point, into the grid of spatial distribution and information.

My goals:

  • To articulate the existing with future connections
  • To place the connection into the individual continuity
  • To segregate and create alternative modes of social, economic, political and spatial organisations
  • Peer-to-peer individual authorship
  • Collective activities
This reorganisation should offer a greater cultural context articulating and including the emergence of new architectural forms into the context of contemporaneity.

Desired Outcomes

  • To morph the existing structure, offering better spatial stability for Central London, and other joined programmes
  • To create individual corporate entities
  • To engage individuals into spatial stability
  • To link corporate entities from the global grid at a synergetic level