2010 May

Green Wharf

Green Wharf

Don’t be shellfish…In order to extract the intensity of the connected, non-articulated, present or absent, the dwell would intensify the necessity in developing the articulated places. The dwell intensifier blends the interrogation of of the natural complex ecosystem with the emergent presence of places where the productivity increases. Integrating the productivity of dwelling to intensify […]

Genotype 4 – Motion Traces

Don’t be shellfish… Don’t be shellfish…

Genotype 4 – Generative Flexible Paths

Don’t be shellfish… System: Parameters f(x,y) – centre flexible point , Grid x(0,1),  y(0,1),  λ1,  λ2 – curve If f(x)= x(1) y(0) then  λ1 = 0,  λ2=1 Don’t be shellfish…

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