Flat Pack Home – An ultra packed society?

flat pack home

flat pack home

We live current economic times when the crowd has become the tool in developing sustainable solutions for our society and this include solutions from social to technological. Now, the crowd is an essential tool also for developing complex systems which entangle with one another and define the whole world.

We’ve spent the last 8 years researching the best innovations and yet we could not find one singular solution which addresses the question : ‘How do we save the world?’ and yet, our thoughts that a saved world would happen only when you save yourself from external factors like :

Polution (CO2) : The next 100 years is the cornerstone of changes in our society. The world is beautiful at cycling systems but not so great at filtering. Our input in the earth atmosphere is minimum, yet destructive.

Water (H2O)We are 7 billion people and yet, our bodies need 1l of water everyday to survive, where we use 0.00251908397 cubic miles of water, everyday. The earth has a stock of 332.500.000 cubic miles of water, from which only 2.000.0000 cubic miles of fresh water. Naturally, the earth can sustain 7,939,393,937 people.

However, we are not the only species which need water and the number drops bellow that.

WDP (World Domestic Product) :  Our economy is scaling and yet with small fluctuation year on year. But based on the current growth, it’s only going up.

Green Home : Alternative energy solutions don’t come at home and governments decision to continue within the current framework means that the changes we have to face as individuals should focus on developing protective systems for the environment as a whole.

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