Sustainability Factor: Commodity value for sustainable derivatives

The SF is harvested from the supplier’s product description using our architectural resourcing system www.homepod.eu


Residual waste: A pathway to commercialize the Air Artifice

Have you ever considered to commercialize the air artifice? Well, it isn’t the air we breathe, but the air which we artificially generate and leave behind us as a waste.


Is building sustainable homes which grow a reticulatum?

This could be the case if we think that nature is developing reticulated artifacts through the use of repletion these can be found in algae.

New space structure puts old science to the test

Breakthrough discovery in space structure puts science to the test. Spatial mutability therefore is postulated to the formalized architectural-type development


Ballistic structure used to build organic home which grow

ICDS ARCH LTD is pioneering a ballistic structure and expects to sell this product to high end users such as cocky homeowners

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