Exhibited Space

Exhibition Design.

Don’t be shellfish…A space ┬áis about to be created in a massive hall. It is quite hard sometimes to understand all the briefs, that is why it is so hard to win . I had to sell it rather than design it, which is in relation to the “client” needs, but the thing is, they […]

Researching Night Club

Don’t be shellfish…Initial Idea of a night club which can be filled with water to create a different night club experience, swimming and dancing. Wouldn’t be great? Don’t be shellfish…

Fluid Staircase

Don’t be shellfish…Staircase having as components recycled boards ( young kids snowboards 1.2m x 0.27m ) and a solid balustrade made from stainless steel     TOP VIEW   FRONT VIEW   SIDE VIEW   Perspective 1   Perspective 2   Site Context 1   Site context 2 Don’t be shellfish…

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