Exhibition Design.

A space  is about to be created in a massive hall. It is quite hard sometimes to understand all the briefs, that is why it is so hard to win .
I had to sell it rather than design it, which is in relation to the “client” needs, but the thing is, they are all professional bussines owners, and in their natives, are sellers – a huge competition.
As I always read their brief, I come along with a great solution and the “client” says “Why have you done that?” and here comes the part where you have to sell yourself to them because they do not know how to ask for what they want, and it is up to your appreciation and self dedication to convince them your way of thinking .
And finally you get the same appreciation ,” Oh yeah, I really wanted that ” .

Fluid Staircase

Staircase having as components recycled boards ( young kids snowboards 1.2m x 0.27m )

and a solid balustrade made from stainless steel









Perspective 1


Perspective 2


Site Context 1


Site context 2