Is CAD something worth being questioned?

OpenLab Started in 2009 to teach students and young architectural professionals the skills they need to succeed in this very competitive market. Since we’ve been working hard to maintain a fresh approach to design, where new software are added and updated on a hourly basis, the need to focus gets even more distanced.

That’s why we’ve put together for you, a special package, which trains you with the top skills you need to have when you join a studio. Most of you know that communication is the greater skills of all, but when you sketch, render, detail, model and make 3d animations, that is a skill which every employer will want.

And this is not all, these lessons are very private, I led them in my own time, which is very limited and I cannot take too many of you. Now if you think you might need some of these, drop me an email, and we will take it from there


Any who can come to bring the depth of field in CAD drawings like I did in this artwork can name itself a great master of  CAD.