Geometric paradigm

flexible path


It is interesting going back to maths formulas and discovering that placing them into a graphic visualising processor could generate spatial posibilities.

I am aiming to virtually connect the whole space of my Genotype into artificial self sustain system(alive).

These basic interior renders would be the starting point of my proposed interior development, forms evolving from one point, fallowing the given algorithms.

With this research the aim is to bring periodically rules as P(0)X4, P(0)X5, P(0)X6 into molecular interaction with the proposed spatial geometry. I am thinking maybe this way  I could better articulate the existing connections between existing spatial development and the proposed inter-articulations.

The system is not new, and it is easy to understand. Basically I want to introduce the concepts of molecular arrangements into spatial programs, input and output algorithms, which are in articulations with at least one element within case study ” the genotype dwelling“.

If I better connect spatial arrangements , it could generate better spatial performance, placing social systems in continuous flow. Of course this is not new to the existing social system. What brings new is the web like amplitude between :

  1. space and development
  2. connection and performance
  3. interchangeability and mutability