Crystallum Reticulatum wins place at UK’s largest innovation show

crystallum reticulatum

Crystallum Reticulatum has beaten tough competition from across the country to win a place to showcase its product at the UK’s largest innovation show in November.
Crystallum Reticulatum is developed by ICDS Arch LTD which was one of 100 companies to be selected to showcase its innovation to over 3,000 attendees at Innovate 2015 on November 9th and 10th at Old Billingsgate in London.
ICDS Arch LTD is a startup company based at ImpactHUB Westminster which develops tools for architects and urban designers to help reduce building waste.
Andrei Toma, ICDS Arch’s chairman, said: “We have to think of new ways to build and these have to become more convenient for our pockets as well as for the environment but also without compromise on elegant design. We started the work on the prototype 9 years ago and we encourage property developers to use it as a simple to assemble frame building technology.”
Innovate UK Chief Executive Ruth McKernan said: “ICDS Arch LTD is a deserved winner and joins a prestigious group of 100 top innovators showcasing their products at Innovate 2015. With attendees ranging from international investors, buyers and visionary entrepreneurs to government and academia, the showcase is a great platform for winning companies.”
Catherine Raines, Chief Executive of UK Trade & Investment, said: “Innovate 2015 is a fantastic chance for some of the most cutting edge companies in the UK today to meet international partners and do business.
“I am really pleased that ICDS ARCH LTD will be among the hundreds of UK firms at the show as well as business delegations from all corners of the world.
“I look forward to welcoming them.”


Innovate 2015 is the UK’s largest multi-sector innovation event and is organised by Innovate UK and UK Trade and Investment (UKTI). It is set up to create opportunities for export and investment for the UK’s most innovative companies.
For more information and ticket information please visit the Innovate 2015 website.


Connected cities – The future of real estate


Equally placing the amount of information into a trigger of doings, results the necessary for creating such patterns that allow the amount to be handled within execution without loss. Nevertheless you can  argue that people are often in this respect and they are doing their best to overcome the potential of their time and space in each and every dimension. As designers, the function of time and space has been the bases for each design, making such design more or less an organism for living.

This organism can be divided into n number of functions, however the main goal here is to understand how this organism will be organized years from now. Main coordinates to have an immediate effect on space is the growth of the organism.

Buildings as an organism, they will soon reach the boundary of space where function = growth.

These changes can be seen in the current mega-cities where the number of sharing household with families or adults living with their parents increased more than 11% between 2007 and 2010. (Census, Washington Post)

Other changes in the organism of a mega-city are in local communities. Governments focus on developing local communities, because, the only way to survive is to have a much-faceted mega-city, where access to service is provided locally. Think of a living cell, which is enclosed within its own boundary, performing its own functions, reacting in the bigger body.

Now when we look at people and business, considering start-up environments and apartments in the mega-cities, the individuals tend to choose the affordability of space. Being a mega-city it is also the status of being mega-populated which means that space is so limited, it comes down to millimeters.

Businesses try to save space by employing off-site individuals and companies through freelancing and remote locations.

As a result, the new emerging business environment is forcing more and more space changes of the employed population. This obviously increases the price of the space too.

What options we have?

Architects fail to think the space continuum and they often come to draw utopian views of the future within one coordinate which is more or less the perfect choice for a bunch of functions that they consider best for their particular time, space, society or climate.

Our solution is designed from an interior architecture point of view, where the function = growth that enables one structure to grow to the extent of infinite in  a natural way, like the world which we live in.

For this we have developed a unique, natural occurring pattern that enables societal changes to be developed without the need to change existing mega-cities to accommodate the change.

Our solution is HomePod

The comfort of your home, wherever you are, it follows you.
Whoever you meet, it grows with you. Endlessly.

Please find bellow a video about the UK Housing.

Only Soultion – HomePod




BlobHouse – A new tessellated structure for the facade



BlobHouse – has A new structural design for the facade. The work on the main prototype has discovered new ways in making the home a more efficient in terms of footprint and materials usage. Now, the whole house is modular and is being built using a set of components which connect each other and create the whole build.

The house can be used stand alone with no facade which creates straight edges and give a tech look, while using the facade mesh, it creates a more dynamic shape.

Flat Pack Home – An ultra packed society?

flat pack home

flat pack home

We live current economic times when the crowd has become the tool in developing sustainable solutions for our society and this include solutions from social to technological. Now, the crowd is an essential tool also for developing complex systems which entangle with one another and define the whole world.

We’ve spent the last 8 years researching the best innovations and yet we could not find one singular solution which addresses the question : ‘How do we save the world?’ and yet, our thoughts that a saved world would happen only when you save yourself from external factors like :

Polution (CO2) : The next 100 years is the cornerstone of changes in our society. The world is beautiful at cycling systems but not so great at filtering. Our input in the earth atmosphere is minimum, yet destructive.

Water (H2O)We are 7 billion people and yet, our bodies need 1l of water everyday to survive, where we use 0.00251908397 cubic miles of water, everyday. The earth has a stock of 332.500.000 cubic miles of water, from which only 2.000.0000 cubic miles of fresh water. Naturally, the earth can sustain 7,939,393,937 people.

However, we are not the only species which need water and the number drops bellow that.

WDP (World Domestic Product) :  Our economy is scaling and yet with small fluctuation year on year. But based on the current growth, it’s only going up.

Green Home : Alternative energy solutions don’t come at home and governments decision to continue within the current framework means that the changes we have to face as individuals should focus on developing protective systems for the environment as a whole.

flat pack home graphicflat pack home infinity

flat pack home stack

BlobHouse – The greenest in house developments

The Modulare Green House

The BlobHouse is a green house prototype which is being developed since 2009 as part of the ICDS Arch research programme. This house it is unique in its way of being a green house as it is designed to match the current economic climate which the world has.

We’ve done research in world wide trends in terms of jobs and economic sustainability and we came to the conclusion that the world needs a change tot the residential market, as there it is not a solid design to sustain and incorporate a green agenda to the meet a Kyoto protocol in world of green development. Our research show an increase in singular entrepreneurial person which are running their own business from home. Other increase is in people working for companies from home. In order to provide a healthy and comfortable environment for these people, the BlobHouse has developed its unique strategy in matching requirements aimed at universal usage for those who work, or own a business environment from home.

BlobHouse – Green Lounge and Kitchen

The access to the house is made via the enclosed garden which leads to the lounge and the kitchen of the house. A stair leads to the work module which is facing the south of the house to keep the office cool, while the office is also providing heath which is conserved and used to warm up the house.

From the lounge you also have access to the bedrooms above . Also above you will find the toilets which act as duo for office and residential use.

The house has been developed to meet plasticity of intersecting transparency in the whole house, where everything looks private from outside and public inside, where everything is familiar and open.

Live Module Intersecting work and green

By incorporating these modules together was with the aim to bring down the cost you spend on your services, but also to give that sense of  living the green. Also we wanted to keep the private part of the office routine and not interfere with the lounge, where in most cases of house developments it was a problem.

The Work module sits above all modules and provides views from wide screen covering the module. At the bottom of the module you will find the reception area where the secretary and archives sit. At the top you will find an open plan space to accommodate up to five people.

BlobHouse Façade

If you ever ask yourself how this façade will be possible to manufacture from glass, you will find that we’re using only only green materials from which can be recycled. The façade will be made from thermoplastic which gives us the opportunity to make the globe to look like this. This is a prototype and some divisions are made to incorporate and maintain a portability of the house as well.

We will post any new developments which we will find suitable for the open public.