Genotype Harvesting

I created some clusters in this matrix, so I can fallow them. Clusters like ” p(1)x3 “, where any kind of information could be implemented regarding the chosen parameters.

I’m aiming to create a infinite circle, green live work, by connecting and optimizing them through radio waves, fibre optics, and other electronic components. like a LIVE electronic circuit, a “technological oasis” in the ” media jungle”.

I am planing to refer this ” technological oasis” to a dwelling module, because its small in size easy customizable . If I get right one unit, then would be easier to connect the whole.


I want to implement in this system  self-modifying or self-learning functions. Within the system,  neural network(computers, cables,optics, sound) is needed to train and learn for accomplishing design analysis and evaluation, rectification/modification and optimisation tasks in the design process, this way generating self sustainability within the inner system.