Travel in matter of time 2

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I walk alone on a never ending path, right on my right i see a big reflection which is stressing me out. I make a change of angle towards the reflection and suddenly the reflection breaks into another reflections. Hard choice I say to myself. I think a bit and I choose the reflection in front of me because I do not want to walk any more, after being tired of walking so long.
I break the reflection, pieces jumps everywhere they nearly hurt me, but I am still feeling good. I get up and when I rise my eyes up what I see, It is just what I have never seen before and strange. I feel a bit dread, but I see something that is freaking me out very much. It is a watch without the tongs! Ooo whaaat??!! right next to me I see a pyramid ooo whaat?!?!?!  This is not what I wanted to see!! I make a step and left next to me it is a circular world ! Quite strange right between them it is a very long path which leads to another things like those one which are next to me. I am so confused I don’t know what to do, does not matter , I can walk I can see, I can feel , I am still human. Is this a dream? I do not know at the moment but I will find out later. I walk again but nothing change! This is strange! I am so scared , I do not know what to do, where to go to, I feel quite lost . Am I?
I make an option , I decided to go to one of those worlds, but if I can not move, how I will get there. I stop and concentrate , was not necessary to much, I just wanted to see that and I have seen it, OHahah I am already inside it. But it is strange , everything is strange, no reflections, a multicoloured defined space and very mystic.
After spending a time in that multicoloured space I discover that I am on a huge board, some hills, some low mountains, lots of lines people everything as I have seen before, but different are those lines which are creating like a grid, and every point where those lines intersect has a coordinate. Sometimes it is a “zero” and sometimes it is “one”.
I walk I meet friends I discover new forms and as I was walking with some friends an robotic eye. I am scared ! He starts talking about “time travel” 11and “dot planing”, Waw ..this machine is reading minds !! He already gave me the map how to get there without saying something about my option. Waw those machines are great! . Anyway I take the map and as soon as I touched it, I am already playing like a game, on a huge board where everything is made from lines, and where ever those line intersect they create like a graph with “zero” and “one”. Great things, but what should I do?
I started to draw, forms, basic forms. But not the way I wanted them to look. There is something different, or it is something that is missing. Oh yee .I start analyzing and I discover that everything has no deph ! I added one more coordinate the number “2” which is the third coordinate so far. Everything takes shape, not mystic, not futuristic, just a very diferent one.
I think this is going to be the future! or it exists already?
As I was walking through that space some random adverts with “sony walkman” and “Ipod” . This is strange maybe they are a reflection of my mind, maybe I shoud stop thiking about them. I see a button which says “Push”. I pressed it, and a multicoloured box shuts down the ipod showcase , and its got written on the lid the words ” closed ” . I think what I could make with them, I arrange them a bit in my mind and I create a sculpture. I do not know what exactly is. Looks like a spiral , on a locker and a tower with a pathway. Anyway I take that pathway and I discover that this time the reflections got more reflections. At the end of the pathway there is a door I walk towards it, but I always saying to myself and asking why I did not took the “dot planing” course and I took the time travel one.
The End