The ‘Interior collapse’ manifesto

Interior, whether inhabits the space choreography created by waves through entire human perception, or by servicing spaces to gather the human perception, its movement is reinforcing conventionally discrete, the performative similarity and modulation stretched behind screwed private zones within the chosen space.The spatial mutability therefore is postulated to the formalized interior-type development, which generate multiple space relations within exterior fields enclosed in public space. The fluid development of zones within the interior-type structure should impose potential in building continuity through surrounding space, recognizing its compositional and spatial values from freestanding supports, concealed in similarity, and paradoxically transferring the interior-type development in individual spacial cells.

In comparison to the interior-type surroundings, spacial cells vicinity are important due to its necessary relevance in abolition of enclosed spaces. The perception of surroundings is perceived as space self-preservation and therefore should expand the the interior-type continuity, reaching spacial mutability which should juxtapose the spatial fluidity acquiring directly open space.

The interior-type development is thus interior and exterior in its transparency openness, spanning infinity.

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