Connect it – Advanced interconnected strings

Connect it is a modular system that expands to infinite through its modular design and provides fine structural suport

BlobHouse – The greenest in house developments

A research based self-sustained home which can be manufactured off-site while maintaining an eco-friendly impact on our environment.

Prototype : Dev. Genotype 2 – BlobHouse

Don’t be shellfish… Plan East Elevation West Elevation Don’t be shellfish…

eco structure

Prototype : Dev. Genotype 2

Don’t be shellfish… Don’t be shellfish…

Geometric paradigm

Don’t be shellfish… RESEARCH: It is interesting going back to maths formulas and discovering that placing them into a graphic visualising processor could generate spatial posibilities. I am aiming to virtually connect the whole space of my Genotype into artificial self sustain system(alive). These basic interior renders would be the starting point of my proposed interior development, forms evolving […]

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