Residual waste: A pathway to commercialize the Air Artifice

Have you ever considered to commercialize the air artifice? Well, it isn’t the air we breathe, but the air which we artificially generate and leave behind us as a waste.

Building for Tomorrow: Environmentally-Responsible Design

Planet Earth and the resources available are shrinking due to the increase in our demand for services and the increase in population.

Mapping futures – human and the built environment

Don’t be shellfish…Mapping the material The architectural image transfers the information embedded environments by the moving body to ‘respond and support human use and activities through through the provision of specialized information'(Addington and Shcodek 2005:8) into becoming the ‘smart materials‘ (Addington and Shcodek2005:205). The interaction generated through the environment  is determined by the interconnectivity defined […]

eco structure

Prototype Drawings

Don’t be shellfish… Don’t be shellfish…


Don’t be shellfish…Harvest – Evolve- Sustain Don’t be shellfish…

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