Genotype Harvesting

I created some clusters in this matrix, so I can fallow them. Clusters like ” p(1)x3 “, where any kind of information could be implemented regarding the chosen parameters.

I’m aiming to create a infinite circle, green live work, by connecting and optimizing them through radio waves, fibre optics, and other electronic components. like a LIVE electronic circuit, a “technological oasis” in the ” media jungle”.

I am planing to refer this ” technological oasis” to a dwelling module, because its small in size easy customizable . If I get right one unit, then would be easier to connect the whole.


I want to implement in this system  self-modifying or self-learning functions. Within the system,  neural network(computers, cables,optics, sound) is needed to train and learn for accomplishing design analysis and evaluation, rectification/modification and optimisation tasks in the design process, this way generating self sustainability within the inner system.

Light: a space propaganda

In order to saturate its ‘blank state’ as space, and in order to generate the needed contrast in the interaction with the human mind, the light embraces a range of intensity patterns generated at the meeting point with another pattern; in most cases matter.

The most important characteristic of light is the intensity pale which carries the repetitive patterns released in continuity  and therefore is modulating itself through space, being independent through radiation, which is constraining the patterns to keep the light in its minimal enclosure, and tiling only arrays of repetition in directions where the light is not constrained by any manipulation, this way the light patterns bettering only towards infinity. If light hits a meeting point within a density zone the dimension of the beam reproduces and organizes a constructive expansion on its surface, generating patterns similar with the surfaces placed in interaction. Patterns differ in sizes and shapes depending on the light intensity, and the reflectiveness of the material.

I have experimented through simple steps, repeating the static patterns( materials) and generating different types of intensity and color, to develop how light could implement a new meaning for the given space, in different instances. As we see in first five instances the intensity is high, generating large patterns on the given surfaces, forcing light to the entire capacity of the space. In the last three instances I lowered the intensity which made the space harder to read, but it generated new points of interaction, excavating the view towards light, leaving the space in its original ‘blank state’.

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