Green marketing can save you

the green approach to marketing

Pretty much a physical paradox. However if one has the power to implement creative and innovative ideas which market themselves in a closed system, other can argue that there isn’t a need for the advertiser to come in and make adds for the marketers because the one marketer have the tools to make it themselves.

I will call these marketers the green team of marketing, because lowering the cost in  bringing a new subcontractor they can save cost by cutting on these services :

  1. electricity which the subcontractor is using to produce the work
  2. space used to travel
  3. body energy in producing the works

Of course these are the most common used, and projects vary from client to client, as well as the amount of cash being spent by the client for the type of advertisement he wants.

The point to make here, is that cutting on these services can bring you an approach to your marketing with is green and sustainable.

the green approach to marketing
Different Marketing

As we can see from this table by turning to green marketing can lower you the cost and save you money.