BlobHouse – A new tessellated structure for the facade

New concept has been proposed to enclose the house in a blob using tessellated triangulated structure as part of the facade.


Connect it – Advanced interconnected strings

Connect it is a modular system that expands to infinite through its modular design and provides fine structural suport


AIS – Advanced interconnected strings

A technological system which connects 14 strings together to achieve infinity through processed form. This is a spatial exploration and a concept.

Mapping futures – human and the built environment

Don’t be shellfish…Mapping the material The architectural image transfers the information embedded environments by the moving body to ‘respond and support human use and activities through through the provision of specialized information'(Addington and Shcodek 2005:8) into becoming the ‘smart materials‘ (Addington and Shcodek2005:205). The interaction generated through the environment  is determined by the interconnectivity defined […]

Prototype : Dev. Genotype 2 – BlobHouse

Don’t be shellfish… Plan East Elevation West Elevation Don’t be shellfish…

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