Rezidential concept design

Main concept considerations

  1. Aim for this concept is the sunlight use and its interaction with the given space.
  2. Separating the private space(living space) and public space(work/office space).
  3. Sunlight helpers for a better lighting phrase inside the space.
  4. Office views and residential views, separating the space from the actual public space(public park opposite and public car park on the side).
  5. Additional threes to be planted for a better reservation of space.
  6. Residential module considerations as bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, living room, views from living room and bedrooms, and some considerations in kitchen view.
  7. Consideration as “Spine wall” to be the central line of the separated space.
  8. Private car park for residential and office.










The Secluded Blend Green House

The Secluded Blend Green House
Guildford, Surrey
1 Bedroom Flat
Office and Car Park
CARBON FOOT-PRINT = less than 0.5 tone per year

Self sustained house having as components

  • Solar panels on the roof used as solar energy
  • Hydro-energy know also as marine energy
  • Self circulation of the air and connection through the tubes used to warm all the house.

During the day all the heat from the office is recycled and reused to warm up the ground floor.

Furnishings and Floor

  • Recycled wood from other demolished buildings
  • Compressed plastics for flooring(elasticity and less stress, makes it more comfortable) chairs and kitchen desktop
  • Staircase made from recycled snowboard boards
  • Sofa made from recycled leather from old jackets


  • Recycled glazing from old industrial buildings
  • UV Reflective coated


  • LED Lighting
  • Fibre Optic Lighting
  1. During the day,using cables with 48 optical wires installed all over the house
  2. During the night using 4 principal light sources and expanding them sequential through all the spaces around the house
  3. Control of intensity to equilibrate the power consumption,

Using less Light Bulbs/ LED lights or any other kind of lights, and expanding them through the use of Fibre Optics

Perfect Customer
Young, energetic and vibrant couple/single.