space representation

New space structure puts old science to the test

Breakthrough discovery in space structure puts science to the test. Spatial mutability therefore is postulated to the formalized architectural-type development

Light: a space propaganda

Don’t be shellfish…In order to saturate its ‘blank state’ as space, and in order to generate the needed contrast in the interaction with the human mind, the light embraces a range of intensity patterns generated at the meeting point with another pattern; in most cases matter. The most important characteristic of light is the intensity […]

Signage: points of interaction

Don’t be shellfish… The information gathered in systems of information, or in strings, the patterning and the constraining in the manipulation is fixing the connection with the opposed system, this way the system generating the blend of the load exchange, way forcing the opposed patterns to inter-connect between its narrow inter-articulation, placing the new created […]

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