Effective E-Commerce Website Design

A way to look at user interaction on an e-commerce website.

We’ve gone to great lenghts with our clients to find for them the perfect solution for designing an effective website which is :

  1. easy to maintain ( it gives easy access to the client to easily adapt their products offers and images)
  2. easy to read ( clear and crisp look is always better when you have many products to offer)
  3. stylish eye friendly ( colours can be hard for eyes, which makes the user to quick change the page, which might result in non-effective communication to your products and services )
  4. use super bold offers ( the eye is always attracted where it says “Hello > I’m Here” )
Ecommerce strategy
Here I buy
Now look back where your eye started. Even if you’re reading it reverse, first stop of your eye will be where the colour is more prominent, and that is the black dot.  Even if you put it reverse, you still get the same effect.
the eye interaction
i buy reverse
Now, with this in mind, lets start designing the layout of our e-commerce website. This is a template designed to serve this UI research. It is not to be downloaded and used in any personal or other commercial use.
First when you design an e-commerce website you start with the initial layout. First you need the know where your website is going to be deployed a.i. on a system like Drupal, Joomla or Magento. This will help the coder to place to write the back end for its purpose.
E-Commerce Template
E-Commerce Template


Now lets look at one of the finished products which has the same layout.


Completed Work
Completed Work
Completed Work